A natural supplement for healthy skin, bones and immune system.


Vitamin D. In a normal body, vitamin D is produced by the body itself by simple exposure to sunlight, but it can also be absored by eating foods rich in this vitamin, such as fatty fish.

Low levels are linked to rickets, and ensuring optimum values ​​can help improve the absorption and proper use of calcium and phosphorus, and thus good maintenance of bones, muscles, immune system and normal calcium levels in the blood.

It also has direct functions on DNA, since it is attached to it by VDR (a specific receptor) and over 200 genes are influenced by it through these direct interactions with the human genome. This was confirmed when researchers were able to see that the regions of the genome associated with autoimmune diseases in some cases had a greater number of VDR receptors. Its deficit is found in diseases like multiple sclerosis, type I diabetes, arthritis, rheumatism, dementia, and in cancers such as leukemia or colon and rectum tumors there were VDR receptors.

Vitamin C is an essential part of the production of new collagen for the skin; it is also essential for joints and immunity.


• For strengthening the immune system.

• Improves skin and bones.

• Improves absorption of calcium and phosphorus.

Dosage / Suggested use

1 tablet daily or as advised by a health professional.


500 tablets of 545,12 mg.

Nutrition facts

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