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Geron Corporation, a biopharmaceutical company engaged in the research of cancer treatments and ageing, has pioneered the development of therapies that can stimulate the activity of telomerase in normal cells without affecting cancer cellswith uncontrolled proliferation, and the search for therapies aimed at slowing the damage caused by the natural cellular ageing process by preserving the length of telomeres. 

In the year 2000, Geron Corporation discovered TA-65®, a molecule from the astragalus plant capable of activating telomerase and repair short telomeres.

In 2002 Noel Patton founded T.A. SCIENCES and got the license and worldwide rights for the telomerase activation technology and for the product discovered by Geron Corporation, so that it could be used as a food supplement or for cosmetics. After 5 years of development and safety checks, and with the medical supervision of the Patton protocol designed by its team of science experts, T.A. SCIENCES has made possible the availability of TA-65® to the public.

It is recommended that the supplement is prescribed by doctors or specialists that have received training about the science and biology of telomeres and telomerase, and that they have been taught how to follow the Patton protocol.

The Patton Protocol is followed by doing a study on patients that includes an immunological profile and the measurement of telomere's length, as well as the percentage of critically short telomeres, by Dr María Blasco's team at Life Length.

With the help of the results, the specialist will be more objective when setting the individual dosage and proper usage of TA-65® for each patient.

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