Information from the Osato Research Institute

The Osato Research Institute (ORI) in Japan has patented a process for extracting fermented papaya (Fermented Papaya Preparation, or FPP).

Papaya is a very well known fruit throughout the world, especially in intertropical countries, for its antioxidant properties. But its fermentation process is what gives it the ability to stimulate its own natural defenses.

More than 50 clinical studies support the product.

Osato has invested heavily worldwide with numerous studies and great professors like Professor Luc Montagnier (discoverer of the HIV virus and Nobel Prize for Medicine), Professor Lester Packer (USA, specialist in antioxidants), Professor Barry Halliwell and professor Mark E. Weksler (New York, Cornell University), professor Francesco Marotta (specialist in oxidative stress in Milan, Italy), professor Eliezer Rachmilewitz (Israel). All of them are involved in research with FPP.

Osato International manufactures FPP in a completely natural way without the use of preservatives or chemicals. Production is carried out under strict international standards: ISO 9001 for production and packaging, ISO 14001 for respect for the environment, ISO 22000 for food safety.

They do not use genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The origin of harvested papaya in Hawaii is certified by the US government.

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