Minami Nutrition

Minami® Nutrition is a company with a very clear philosophy: To contribute to a better quality of life in a pure and healthy way through the use of its products. Minami® specializes in the production of food supplements based on high concentrations of Omega-3, produced with the purest fish oil and the most environmentally friendly way, ensuring unprecedented strength, purity and benefits thanks to a unique patented technology.

It is based on an innovative method of extraction that uses supercitrical CO2 technology (CO2 at high pressure and low temperature); this process uses 400% less temperature without exposure to oxygen, which maintains the integrity of Omega-3 and gives optimum protection against oxidation. Under these conditions, CO2 acts as a fatty solvent extracting Omega-3 fatty acids from EPA and DHA fish oil without altering their quality and maintaining their chemical integrity as an essential part of the fatty acids in the diet, limiting the saturated fats that would interfere with our bodies' ability to use Omega-3.  These Omega-3 fatty acids are ready to be distributed in the body, strengthening our health in its purest state and free of contaminants.

Minami® Nutrition's Omega-3 supplements have won awards for highest concentration of Omega-3 products from American ConsumerLab.com, and in the UK as the best-tasting fish-oil product.

Minami® Nutrition fish oils are manufactured in accordance with European standards EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme), which is the most demanding standard in force regarding environmental management systems, thus ensuring the lowest possible environmental footprint.

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