Food Detective individual

Food Detective

Easy to use food intolerance kit that provides immediate results.


FoodDetective ™ is a food intolerance test you can use on your clients. There is no need to wait for days to receive lab tests' results any longer. Doing the test yourself could not be easier.

FoodDetective ™ measures the reaction of 59 different IgGs found in common foods. It works by diluting a small drop of blood obtained by pricking a finger, and adding this dilution to the reaction plate, which contains tiny wells with protein extracts from food.  A detecting solution and a developing or revealing one are then used to identify the presence of antibodies for each specific food by the presence of one or more blue dots on the plate. The reference table included in the instructions is then used to identify the result, thus finding what foods the patient is intolerant to.

  • No need to send the sample to a lab.
  • Test results ready in 40 minutes.
  • The kit includes everything needed to perform the test. There is no need to purchase any additional equipment or accessories.
  • As the test and results are done and ready on the same day, the patient can start the treatment immediately.
  • Simple, safe and fast, it is the first validated intolerance kit in the world.

A video showing how the test kit works is available on YouTube:

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