Biotivia was established in 1992 in Vienna, Austria, as a supplier of natural and botanical raw materials for the supplements and functional foods industry, and for researchers and scientific institutions worldwide. The company currently has offices in the US (New York, Los Angeles, Kansas City), and international offices in the UK, Spain, Austria, Denmark, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, Singapore, Xi'an in China and Mumbai in India.

Biotivia has been a pioneer in the science and the design and development of supplements, always based on evidence of efficacy and safety from our own studies and tests, and in collaboration with renowned research organizations. Currently, the company provides research-grade food supplements to doctors, researchers and scientists working at Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Georgetown, The Albert Einstein Medical Center, University of Texas, and many others.

Biotivia is the first supplement manufacturer in the world to apply the advanced "Active Packaging" technology to their products, to ensure the highest level of freshness and potency, even after the package has been opened. It is also the first company that has significantly improved the bioavailability of their products, especially its resveratrol- and polyphenols-based products. The low bioavailability of many antioxidants is a common problem that the company's scientists have successfully overcome, without having to resort to synthetic additives or reduce the dose of the product.

Biotivia products are unique in their use of formulas of synergistic ingredients that provide extraordinary potency and therefore more efficiency and better value for their customers. Biotivia products do not contain extra ingredients or fillers, nor silica or magnesium, and the capsules are vegetable caps. They only contain purified natural trans-resveratrol.

Biotivia manufactures in GMP-method-approved facilities, an international regulatory body to control drug manufacturing practices, subject to FDA standards.




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